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Demigods play by post RPG
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 Alexander Fox

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PostSubject: Alexander Fox    Wed May 30, 2018 9:41 pm

Character Name: Alexander Fox

General Information

Name: Alexander Fox
Age: 18
Birthday: 7-12-1999
Sex: male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Mythological Origin: Aphrodite
Mythological Powers/Gifts: Aphrodite -
  Incite Emotions (Limited) - You can cause others to feel intense emotions of love or lust.
  Charm Speak - You are remarkably persuasive when you want to be.
  Ineffable Nature - All are attracted to you, but can never pin down why.
  Heart's Desire - You are intuitively aware of other's goals and motives, especially with what they most
  desire in the world.
Legendary Items:


Face Claim:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, curly.
Height: 6'2"
General Appearance:


General Character Traits:
Likes: (list at least 3)
  Shiny objects
  Learning new things from others
Dislikes:(list at least 3)
  When sand gets in his shoes
Strengths: (list at least 3)
  High self esteem
  Keen eye for details
  Extremely kind and generous
Weaknesses: (list at least 3)
  Completely oblivious about how people feel about him
  His generosity can easily be abused, hard time saying no
  Becomes attached to others quickly

Personal History

Mother: Aphrodite
Father: William Fox
Siblings: No direct siblings

Background Story:
From a young age Alexander knew life without a mother. However, growing up with his father, William Fox, filled the void of this lost position. William was a philosophy professor teaching out of the local university. Because of this, Alexander spent his days watching the university students walk from class to class. Over time he was able to tell how someone was feeling based on the position they walked in and the tone of their voice. Alex was constantly surrounded by knowledge and new ideas. But throughout the seemingly endless amount of time Alex spent sitting at the back of the dusty lecture hall listening to his father ramble on about ethics and how one perceives reality, one thing became clear; his father didn’t fully believe what he was talking about. It was like the world his father was teaching was wrong. Eventually this curious thought formed into interest. That interest formed into questions. However, when confronting his father Alex only received vague answers or was blown off entirely. Fed up with the lack of answers, Alex decided to do something completely unexpected and out of character; he was going to break in.

After breaking into his dad's home office Alexander spent hours looking desperately through papers, tax reports, ungraded tests, and manila folders for anything that looked out of the ordinary. Eventually he found something, a small vault labeled ‘Alexander’ laid buried under piles of clutter. After using his birth date to open the vault Alex found something he never expected. A family photo was taped to the inside of the door depicting the most beautiful person he had ever seen holding a baby standing next to his father. The woman was looking down at the child with the most love filled smile Alex had ever seen. However, upon closer inspection of the photo, Alex realized that both of his parents looked to be very sad. Setting the photo down Alex delved deeper into the vault finding the only other object within it to be a small folder, this time labeled ‘Alexander Agape Fox’. As Alex opened the folder a singular piece of paper slid out and drifted to the floor. After picking it up he realized it was his birth certificate, and he read the next few lines very carefully. “This is to certify that Alexander Agape Fox weighing 8.0lbs was born on the day of 7-12-1999. Was born to Mother: Jane Aphrodite Doe and Father: William James Fox.”

For the next hour Alexander read those lines over and over again. Aphrodite, the literal goddess of love and beauty, was his mother. It wasn't possible, there was no way. Now he really needed answers.
After recovering from his initial shock Alex grabbed the family picture, and stormed directly to his father's room. The conversation was brief, William told him everything in detail; his mother really was Aphrodite. This sparked a new emotion Alex didn't knew he had; anger. He had been lied to, his entire life had been a lie, everything he had been taught was a lie. He had to know the truth, who he really was. With a teary face and in a fit of newly found rage Alex left. He packed his belongings into a bag and set out hoping to find any clue on who he was.

Weeks passed before Alex was confronted with something that tied in with his Greek origins. Sadly however, the creature wasn't very eager to sit down and unlock the universe with him. Immediately Alex was under a fury of attacks. He desperately tried to escape and dodge the relentless creature but eventually he had his back against a wall. Alex shut his eyes and hoped prayed that someone, anyone would come and save him. Then he heard a thud, however, he didn't feel dead. Alex opened his eyes to see two people, one with goat legs, and the other with a sword, fighting off the creature. He collapsed to the ground, completely exhausted. When he awoke again he was was being carried by his hero, a tall, muscular, blue eyed man carried him in both arms. Alex looked up at him and said the first thing that came to his mind, “Good Morning!”    

Character Relationships: None currently

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Fox    Thu May 31, 2018 6:59 pm

Is this still WIP?
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Fox    Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:00 pm

Admin wrote:
Is this still WIP?

this is now done
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Fox    Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:23 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Fox    

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Alexander Fox
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