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 Alexis Silverston

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Alexis Silverston

Alexis Silverston

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Alexis Silverston

General Information
Name: Alexis Madison Silverston
Age: 22
Birthday: April 7th
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Mythological Origin: Demigod of Hades
Mythological Powers/Gifts:
- Enhanced Strength - Your character's muscles have the ability to project an enormous amount of strength greater than any mortal.
- Enhanced Stamina - Your character can endure great physical trials without tiring as easily as others.
- Death Sight - You can see when people have almost died, or if they are about to die. You can also see ghosts and shades.
- Earth/Ice Control - You can control the earth and ice.
- Bone Control - You can summon and control bones.
- Invisibility - if you focus hard, you can remain invisible to most forms of detection but cannot take any aggressive actions while invisible or else you break your focus.
Legendary Items:


Alexis Silverston Alexis%20small_zps21uzgawp

Face Claim: Natalie Dormer
Eyes: Icy Blue
Hair: Blonde shoulder length
Height: 5ft 6
General Appearance: Alexis has a small frame. She is fit, but does not look athletic or like she spends a significant amount of time working out. She wears fitted clothes that complement her figure, but are not so tight as to be suggestive. She wears her hair loose or put up in two ponytails. Alexis can generally be found chewing bubblegum or eating a lollypop.

General Character Treats: Due to growing up in poverty Alexis learned to always appreciate the things she had. She learned to create her own fun and happiness and to not be dependent upon material possessions. Her bubbly personality tends to be infectious. She has a good heart and loves to spend time caring and training dogs. She has a vivid imagination which allows her to see the world, though her spaced out attitude tends to get her in trouble with her teachers and bosses.
Likes: Theater/acting, spending time outdoors, playing boardgames or cards, dogs
Dislikes: Talking about money, going on dates, dressing up, swimming (she doesn’t know how)
Strengths: She is a loyal friend who does not does not make many demands on the friendship, she is a giver rather than a taker. She sees the good in everybody and is able to motivate and encourage others to be better than they are and cheer them up when they’re down. She is a team player.
Weaknesses:Fear of water due to inability to swim. She has difficulty remaining focused on tasks and her mind tends to drift at all times to anything unrelated to the task at hand. Due to her difficult childhood she always compares the difficult situations of others to her own, and deems their situations to be less extreme than her own, thereby looking down on their defeated attitudes.

Personal History
Mother: Venessa Silverston
Father: n/a
Siblings: n/a

Background Story:
Alexis grew up as the only child to Venessa Silverston, a single mom scraping to get by. Venessa got pregnant after a hot holiday fling when she was 20 years old. She was disowned by her parents due to the pregnancy and was forced to drop out of college and get a job to take care of herself and her child.

Alexis was born during a late winter storm which took the entire town by surprise. The roads were iced over and the ambulance did not arrive in time to take Venessa to the hospital to give birth. Alexis was born less than 5 minutes after the arrival of the ambulance crew. Mother and daughter were taken to the hospital, but they didn’t stay long. Venessa was unable to afford the hospital bill and left in the middle of the night to escape notice.

Despite Venessa’s difficulty to provide for herself and her daughter she refused to give her daughter up for adoption. Venessa often worked double shifts at various restaurants to pay the bills. During these times she would leave Alexis with her neighbor Anne, whose children had moved out several years ago and who was happy to have the company of another child. Anne became like a grandmother to Alexis.

Despite the poverty, hard times, are rare moments spent with her mother, Alexis’ childhood was moderately happy. She made decent grades, but didn’t excel in any of her classes. She had a few friends, but her poverty-stricken life meant she never got invited to any parties or outings. Not that it mattered really, because if she was invited she wouldn’t have been able to afford to go anyways. The part of her days that brought her the most joy was her time spent at the theater club. Alexis could put on an outfit and be whoever she wanted to be. In her imagination she travelled the world, danced on top of the highest mountain, and swam with dolphins. Her imagination allowed her to do everything she ever wanted to do.

When the time arrived to go to University Alexis was able to attend her local University. She knew a drama education would not pay the bills down the line and even though her heart still yearned to be part of the theater she decided on a business administration degree. She hated the classes, but it was a solid degree that was very likely to provide her with some kind of job directly out of college. To help pay for college, and allow her some money to join some activities with her friends, Alexis got a part time job waiting tables. During this time she picked up a habit of chewing bubblegum and eating lollipops out of boredom during her classes, and a need for sugar to keep her awake and alert.

When Alexis graduated college she got exactly what she wanted. She had a job lined up for her upon graduation. However, the office work bored her like nothing else ever had. Alexis spent her days staring at the clock which appeared to be moving slower every day. It was another one of those horrible days where she was spending her time staring at the stagnant clock when a baby rock swooped down and missed her head by a hair. When she shouted and jumped up everyone else in the office stared at her, but no-one seemed to notice the bird which was now circling back around to attack her again. Alexis ran out of the office covering her head with her arms to protect herself from the bird’s attacks while her co-workers stared at her like she was losing her mind.

She got three blocks away from the building when her path was blocked by a direrat. Its big beady eyes staring at her and its thick disgusting tail hitting her dumpster with the strength of a 200lb muscular man. Alexis instantly turned on her heels and headed for the train station where she bought a ticket at random to an unknown destination on the first train that was leaving the city. Five hours later she disembarked the train in a quiet town. The town looked like it had been affluent at some point, but whatever industry had brought wealth to the city had long since departed.

As Alexis strolled to the edge of the town she remained on the lookout for any more creatures when a 7ft tall minotaur bolted around a corner and came storming at her. At the sight of the giant bull like creature Alexis took off running as hard as she could into the woods hoping the trees would slow the creature down. Instead, it bulldozed right through them while Alexis zig-zagged through the foliage. It moved with mad determination - 100ft – it was closing in- 50ft - she had to run faster – 20ft – there was no avoiding it now. She braced for the impact of the creature’s horns on her own soft flesh, anticipating the pain, when she, unbeknownst to her, ran through a large archway. A second later she heard a heavy dull thud as if the minotaur had run itself into a solid immovable wall. When Alexis turned her head to see where the creature was it shook its head in confusion before hitting the invisible wall again with all its might. This time Alexis saw the faint blue light that appeared for a moment when the creature hit the “wall”. The light lined up with the archway which she now noticed for the first time.

What was that light? What was the archway? Was she still in the forest outside the little forgotten industrial town?

Character Relationships

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Alexis Silverston
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