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 General Guide Lines to Follow In and Out of Character

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General Guide Lines to Follow In and Out of Character Empty
PostSubject: General Guide Lines to Follow In and Out of Character   General Guide Lines to Follow In and Out of Character EmptyTue May 29, 2018 10:11 pm

Out of Character conversation Rules[/b]:

- Don't be a bitch or an asshole

- Just be calm, if you have a problem with someone come and talk to someone of the higher authority. All of you have my name, Star, so if you want to contact me directly, go ahead and do it. If you feel like you need to go to the head guy, DM him. However, we are all pretty adulting much, I think we don't need this but better safe than sorry.

- Be nice and be calm. Please. We are all here to torture our characters and make them suffer, it's better to torture as a team and not alone. Just not IRL, that's frowned upon, but in like the game, that's highly encouraged.

- If you are having trouble following things, just ask one of us and we will help you out. We are all pretty understanding.

- if something came up and you need to take a break from the roleplay, just tell one of us, and we will understand. Life is hard, and it tends to get in the way of fun. We understand, just don't ghost.

- If you have doubt of saying something, listen to that little voice inside of your head that says don't do it. It's just better for everyone.

IN characte

- Please be an asshole

- don't get along with everyone, that's impossible, it's really hard to have someone who everyone likes. So, maybe limit to the 1st person who calls it, gets it. Even then, some people don't even like them.

- bully.

- torture do all that fun stuff that isn't legal to do in real life.
- establish friendships and enemies, it's a good idea to have both.

- if you wish your character to die, tell one of us, we want to hear it. It's the best thing to hear.

- if one of us says that your character dies, write out a good death scene, if you need help, I would love to brainstorm with you.

Any other questions. Ask us. We will be happy to answer.
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General Guide Lines to Follow In and Out of Character
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