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 Good and Bad Posts

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Hector Brown

Hector Brown

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Good and Bad Posts  Empty
PostSubject: Good and Bad Posts    Good and Bad Posts  EmptyTue May 29, 2018 10:19 pm

Hello beginners and not so beginners:

Some things these threads really like in a good post:

What would be considered a good post and characters?
Detail. I don’t want to hear how many screws are on the desk, however I would like to know the color and if anything was different about the desk that should be noticed by your character
ALSO: these are human beings (well half) they tend to think. So put a little thought into your post.
No Mary Sue that character, we are all have faults here.
Bullying is encouraged in the rp, IRL everyone doesn’t always get along.
We all have at least read a book, use quotation marks when someone is speaking, and use italics (if possible) when someone is thinking.
Correct punctuation.
Think of laws of physics, shall we? What comes up, must come down. Right? Right. So we can’t be falling for 3 posts. We would be dead if we hit the ground.

Intro posts:

For a good intro post detail is always liked
Where did they come from?
Where are they starting at?
It’s college level rp. Be creative.
Example: Son/Daughter of Aphrodite, be hungover and crawling out of some stranger’s bed that they actually have no idea what their name is
Example two: Hermes son/daughter could be in jail for stealing, messing with a cop, or simply a night gone wrong.
Introduce your character in a setting that they would feel comfortable in, and if it’s already decided between the people in the group, you guys could all start from the same time or meeting some place. But try to communicate before hand.

Any questions, ask any of us and if you want I can always read over your intro post and you could get my opinion. Don’t ask for it if you don’t want an honest opinion.

Bad sentence: Julie woke up from her nap, and it was sunny.

Good sentence: As Julie’s eyes started to flutter open as the annoying buzz went off in her alarm, and from the amount of sunshine that came through the drapes, it was clear that today was going to be a bright sunny day.
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Good and Bad Posts
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