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 Melissa Barnes

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PostSubject: Melissa Barnes   Melissa Barnes EmptyThu May 31, 2018 11:04 pm

Name: Melissa Barnes, Melly for short
Age: 24
Birthday: April 14th
Sex: female
Sexuality: bi
Mythological Origin: Greek
Mythological Powers/Gifts:Not known
Legendary Items: N/A


Melissa Barnes Large12

Face Claim:
Eyes: Green
Hair: light brown with purple highlights
Height: 5'4
General Appearance: Melissa is a weird frame. She isn't bulky like an Ares's kid and she isn't small and petite like the Aphrodite kids. She is a medium frame where she can fit into small places, but not all small places. She is a little weird. She always has this goofy half smile on her face. She usually wears jean shorts and a flannel shirt. She is just kinda there. Her presence is almost little to no avail. She tries to speak out, but no one seems to see her with everyone else. She is a small girl that goes unnoticed. She wears her hair down or up in a baseball cap with a messenger bag that is tattered and old.


General Character Traits: Since she hasn't been claimed by her parent. She just kinda has been there. No one is fully aware of when she came to Camp Half-Blood because she just appeared one day. Nobody really ever tried to talk to her about her parents because they don't bother much with her. She is small and frail. She doesn't go on any quests without a good reason too. She tries to find her talent, just like everyone else but it has all been in vail. She is silent and sneaky, however, she isn't as clever as the other kids. She cannot lie for shit, she isn't good with her hands, she isn't a fighter. She is smart, but never as good as the Athena kids. The Hermes kids put up with her. She loves to garden, but everything she tries to planet dies. She tried archery, and she is okay with it, however, the Apollo kids outshine her. So, she has accepted her place at the camp as the normal being. She found a love of books and movies since no one really pays attention to her. She gets lost in her head and becomes an absent daydreamer. She loves animals, but they seem to actually hate her.

Likes: movies, books, storytelling, and gardening (even if she kills everything), loves watching the Ares kids fight, loves watching people find their talent, swimming, reading, Disney, roleplaying, and play games

Dislikes: how she doesn't have a home, how she isn't good at anything it seems like, and how it seems that she is written off as a bother to people. She hates the color pink, the door nobs that twist the wrong way, the bras the clip in the front, the Aphrodite kids mostly, spiders, bugs.

Strengths: she never loses hope that she will find her way around. She knows she is good at something, she just doesn't know what yet

Weaknesses: she's a bother to most people because she isn't good at fighting, she gets in the way a lot when she tries to help, and she gets lost almost always

Personal History

Mother: Adopted mother: Jessica Canes
Father: adopted father: Bret Canes
Siblings: last time she heard her adopted parents adopted 3 other kids. 2 girls (Belle and Casey) and a little boy (Henry)

Background Story: (minimum of 3 paragraphs)

Melissa was left on the steps of an orphanage when she was a baby. The lady in charge said she saw a woman walking away but couldn't tell if she was dropping off the baby or not. She was soon adopted by a nice normal family. Melissa's parents loved to garden and she was taught how to plant and grow, but never was good at it. It literally always died. Melissa was just raised normally, but when she was 12 that's when everything changed. She started to notice things weren't normal. She wasn't good at anything, not even at school. She had ADHD and that didn't help with the medication, and her dyslexia was getting worse. She had problems with authority when she tried her best to follow the rules. It just seemed that everyone hated her.

Her first monster attack was going to hurt her adopted mother. Her adopted father shot it and after overhearing her parents argue about what to do. She decided to run away. She grabbed a bag full of clothes, the money that she had, and the cash from her parents' wallets and walked out the front door. She was on her own for a while until she was 16 and overheard some other people talking about monsters hunting them. She knew she wasn't crazy! So she followed them without them knowing. She showed up and followed to the cabin where everyone was going too. It had a weird staff looking thing above the door. She climbed into an emtpy bed and fell straight to sleep. It had been a really long time since she has had been able to sleep. She followed everyone to the eating hall. It was something that she found to be fun. It wasn't until about a week since she has been there did people start noticing her being there. Now it was weird, really weird. But she didn't mind it. At camp she talked to the girl who was watching the fire, later she found out it was a goddess. She walked around, and Chiron told her that she would find her parent, it was part of some deal that happened. She wasn't aware of it. But the thought of how she could have a real family made her happy.

They wouldn't think she was a mess up. She spent her entire time at camp, didn't go back but sent letters to her parents telling them that she was safe and sorry for running away. She still keeps in contact with them, but they weren't her family anymore. She didn't have one to her knowledge. She wondered why her mother or father hadn't claimed her. Maybe they are ashamed of her, so she thinks that maybe if she finds her talent she can be claimed. She can know where she belongs. She will do anything to find her father or mother. To find her place. She knows that it is going to be hard, and she is willing to do it.

Character Relationships:
(update as threads are ended/closed)
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PostSubject: Re: Melissa Barnes   Melissa Barnes EmptyFri Jun 01, 2018 10:46 am

I like it so far, but just keep in mind camp half blood kicks people out after they reach adulthood I think? So what did she do in between then and now?

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Melissa Barnes
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