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 Hector Brown

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Hector Brown

Hector Brown

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PostSubject: Hector Brown    Hector Brown  EmptyThu May 31, 2018 11:33 pm

Name: Hector Brown
Age: 22
Birthday: Janurary 1st
Sex: male
Sexuality: straight
Mythological Origin: Greek
Mythological Powers/Gifts:
Enhanced Strength - Your character's muscles have the ability to project an enormous amount of strength greater than any mortal.
Enhanced Stamina - Your character can endure great physical trials without tiring as easily as others.
Battle Precognition - You have a spider sense like attribute when in conflict or battle, sensing what the enemy will most likely do next but you can still be surprised.
Warfare Expertise - You are intuitively good at strategy and warfare tactics.
Weapon Blessing - Your swords are always sharp, your guns always loaded and never jam.

Legendary Items: N/A


Hector Brown  Hector10

Face Claim: unkown
Eyes: blue
Hair: dark brown
Height: 6'2
General Appearance: pissed off, unless he is with a cute girl, in battle, or Alex, then he looks pretty relaxed.


General Character Traits:

Likes: learning new battle weapons, World War I and II, he likes reading about war, he likes fighting, arguing, making fun of Alex, eating, working out, football, sports, dogs and any other animal, girls

Dislikes:when people are mean to Alex, being reminded of his mother, veggies, eating green things, when things don't lead to fighting, and when he has to think too much

Strengths: his skilled with a sword and a javelin, fast runner, and fast on his feet

Weaknesses: not very bright when it comes to battle strategy, he normally just hits things till he wins, and he would step in front of Alex anytime no matter what it is

Personal History

Mother: Alanna Brown (MIA)
Father: Ares
Siblings: N/A

Background Story: (minimum of 3 paragraphs)

Hector's mother was a Navy Seal. She was on a deploy mission one time, and her buddies and she all went to the local bar. There his mother met the most fierce man she had ever seen. He was just pure strength and willpower, and it drew her in like a fly to honey. They had talked and got along really well right off the bat sharing battle stories. They compared scars, and his mother never once obeyed his father. She gave him a hard time with everything, and she told Hector that he probably secretly loved it.

After they met, soon after, Hector was born. His father held him once, named him Hector, and then left. It made his mother sad, but she knew he had to go. She knew that one day she was going to have to give up Hector to a camp. At least, that's what his father said. She knew that her son was going to be a good man, and a good guy. At least, she would try her hardest to raise him.

Alanna had left Hector to live with his grandmother while Alanna was out on missions. It always made Hector sad when she had to leave. But when his mother was there, they had the best time together. His mother would read him about World Wars or any war in that matter, about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and wartime stories. She would tell him about his father which always made him smile.

"My little Weapon of Mass Destruction or "My Pineapple!" were her nicknames for him which always made him smile. It was cute nickname like those that made it so hard to get the news that his mother was MIA. The night of the letter, his grandmother and he got into a huge fight, and he ran away. Didn't even pack a bag, only left with a picture of his mother in his pocket and ran. Before he left town, he went to his best friends house, Kyle. As he was on his ways to Kyle's he got attacked by a monster. He was totally freaked out, but let his instincts take over. Kyle came rushing out without pants on and tossed Hector a sword. He caught it in mid-air and started fighting the monster off with him.

After the battle, Kyle told Hector everything about Camp Half-Blood and how he could find a lot of others like him, and he would have brothers and sisters just like him. Hector was ready to leave this town since his mother wasn't anywhere to be seen. So they left. On the way there, they ran into another monster, but this monster was going after a different kid. He fought off the monster with no problem. It was something that was easy to him. He lifted up the boy bridal style and walked away from the battle scene. He started to wake up and Kyle and he looked down at him.

"Good Morning!"

Alex and Hector became friends basically from that point on. His mother always told him that he was supposed to protect the people that couldn't protect themselves. So, that meant Alex. On their way to the camp, Alex would distract people and Hector would make sure that they had money and food to feed themselves. When they got to the camp, their friendship didn't change. He always made sure that Alex and he were okay, and didn't let Alex go anywhere that could be dangerous, and he never took anything that he wasn't 100% sure he couldn't come back from. His friendship was Alex was something of a brotherhood more than he felt to his actual brothers from his father. He kept Alex safe. That's what you are supposed to do. So, he did.

When Alex was upset, he would take him on a walk and settle down by the beach and let him dress him in flower crowns, and vent to him. It was their thing. He was happy to do it. Now don't get him wrong, he would kill anyone that actually saw that besides Alex. That was their secret thing. No one needed to know what was going on. They were brothers.

After Camp, Alex and him moved out of the camp. Alex got to pick the city that they moved too, and Hector got to pick where they stayed. So, they have been moving around the different parts of the country running from monsters and weird shit.

Character Relationships:
(update as threads are ended/closed)
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Character sheet
Legendary Items: All of Them

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Hector Brown
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