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 Trish Fletcher

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Trish Fletcher

Trish Fletcher

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Beatrice Fletcher

General Information

Name: Beatrice Fletcher (started going by Trish after high school)
Age: 22
Birthday: February 29th, 1996
Sex: female
Sexuality: straight
Mythological Origin: Daughter of Apollo
Mythological Powers/Gifts:
Divine Archery - You are really good at aiming and judging distance as well as other related tasks.
Artistic Talent - You are proficient with at least one form of art, usually two but can be more.
Healing Power - You can heal the wounded, sick and dying but this costs an amount of energy equal to the severity of the wound or disease. This also has a small chance of instead transferring the wounds to yourself.
Sound Control - You can control sound to temporarily stun or silence your enemies.
Light Control - You can control lighting and sometimes make blinding distractions.
Fire Control (Limited) - You have a resistance to fire and can control small fires.
Legendary Items: no


Trish Fletcher Beatrice%20Fletcher%201_zpsdjqeodhx

Face Claim: America Ferrera
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, straight
Height: 5ft 4in
General Appearance: Beatrice is morbidly obese. She usually walks around in her baggy artists’ clothes that are non-restrictive, hide her body, and are covered in paint stains. Her long brown hair is tied up in a ponytail or a messy bun to keep it out of her way. She doesn’t wear make-up. Beatrice carries a large messenger bag with her that depicts a modernized version of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”.


General Character Traits: Beatrice does not care for fashion, make up, and other things that make her stand out. She wears baggy clothing that attacks minimal attention. She is an artist at heart and every part of her being, art is like air to her, she needs it to survive. She usually wears headphones as the music helps her to inspire her work. Additionally it creates a nice barrier between her and the world to ensure she has to interact with other people as little as possible. She can be found in a donut shop every morning.
Likes: pottery, painting, donuts, listening to music,
Dislikes: healthy foods, bullies, the name Beatrice, socializing

Beatrice is an excellent artist and excels is pottery and painting. She sells her artwork in a gallery under the pseudonym Skye Seymour.
Beatrice has an excellent constitution. Despite her obesity she is healthy as a horse, she has never been sick, and she has never had a cavity. Whenever she bruises from any incident she recovers overnight.
Beatrice is unbiased to people’s personal preferences, dress style, sexuality choices, and other aspects that other people would consider odd.

Beatrice has a severe eating disorder which causes her to binge eat whenever she feels emotionally upset
Beatrice is extremely socially awkward. She has no social awareness and does not pick up on social cues. She becomes extremely uncomfortable when she is part of a group more than 3 people.
Beatrice lacks confidence in her ability to accomplish anything in life other than her ability to create art.

Personal History

Mother: Patricia Fletcher
Father: Theodor Fletcher III
Christina and Elizabeth Fletcher (5 years older)
Theodor Fletcher IV (3 years older)

Background Story:

Beatrice was born to Theodor and Patricia fletcher. She grew up in a nice neighborhood and a large house paid for by her father’s inheritance and his job as a board member of a large company. Theodor’s job kept him away from his family due to business trips more often than not and Beatrice does not have a close relationship with her father.

As a child Beatrice was social and playful. She always tried to hang out with her big sisters Christina and Elizabeth, but they usually considered her younger age a hindrance. The sisterly bonds were stretched even further when Beatrice was 9 years old and accidentally told her mother that Christina and Elizabeth were attending a pool party at Benjamin’s house. She tried to explain to her sisters that she had initially kept her mouth shut, but their mother had kept prying and eventually threatened to take Beatrice’s’ easel and paint brushes away if she didn’t tell where the girls had gone. But it did nothing at that time to improve their relationship.

Life at school wasn’t much better. When she was 7 years old a boy started picking on her because of her name, Beatrice. Soon the rest of the kids at school joined in and her social life become non-existent. Why couldn’t her parents have given her a modern name like Summer? Summer never got teased, and everybody wanted to be her friend. It started with word calling in between periods and during their lunch, but progressed to pinching, pulling hair, and on one occasion even chewing gum in her hair. She remembered how upset her mother was about the chewing gum and how hard she pulled on her hair to get it out. Eventually her mom grabbed the scissors. Beatrice begged and pleaded with tears in her eyes to not cut her hair, but her mother wouldn’t hear it. Her hair looked horrible after her mother cut the chewing gum out which made her mother even more upset. She drove Beatrice to the hairdresser and instructed the hairdresser to give her a pixy cut so the chunk of missing hair wouldn’t be visible. Anybody who asked was told that Beatrice had taken the scissors to her own hair and her mother had graciously saved her from her own stupidity by fixing the haircut. She didn’t dare to look anybody in school in the eye for weeks.

During this time Beatrice took up art as a way of dealing with her emotions. It was also a solitary activity which did not require interactions with others, so it was perfect for her as she didn’t have any friends. Drawing and painting were the first art forms Beatrice started with.

Beatrice hoped the bullying would stop when she went to high school, but most of the kids she attended middle school with also went to the same high school as her. As a result, nothing changed. In fact it got worse because the kids were older now and had a whole new array of bullying tools available. When Beatrice got a cellphone she received so many prank calls that she eventually just switched the phone off unless she had to use it to make a call. This was much to the dissatisfaction of her mother again as she kept telling anybody who would hear it that she didn’t know why they had bought this child a cellphone if she never used it anyways.

Beatrice learned that food was the only thing that could keep her comfortable. She started eating more, and eating unhealthier. She would spend her pocket money on candy, ice cream, and pizza. When she turned 16 and got her driver’s license she stopped by Dunkin Donuts every morning to pick up breakfast. First it was one donut, soon it became 2, and then 3 every morning. Beatrice started gaining weight and as she gained more weight the bullying only got worse.

She attended homecoming in her sophomore year at the forceful hand of her mother. Patricia had decided that the reason why Beatrice had no friends was because she never attended any of the school functions so she was going to attend this one and interact with some other girls whether she liked it or not. To make matters worse, Patricia had signed up to chaperone this event so she could keep an eye on Beatrice and help her make some friends. The evening couldn’t have been worse. Nobody wanted to talk to her and she didn’t really want to talk to them either, but every time she tried to sneak off to a quiet place where she could just wait out the dance, her mother would catch her and drag her back to the floor. Patricia even went so far as to insert herself and Beatrice into a group of girls Beatrice had known since middle school. Patricia introduced Beatrice to Summer, Alice, and Veronica as if they had never met, and then left her to drown. The group of girls kept her around for a while, pretending to her mother that they were hanging out and having fun, while really making fun of Beatrice the entire time. Their final joke was to set Beatrice up with Richard for a slowdance. Patricia was so proud of the social life Beatrice was developing thanks to her assistance and stood and watched the two kids dance while Richard intentionally stepped on Beatrice’s toes over and over again. On the other side of the dance floor Alice, Summer, and Veronica stood laughing with tears in their eyes and doubled over every time Beatrice cringed in pain at the sore toes.

In the meantime Beatrice had become an accomplished artist. The graduated high school and pursued an arts degree at a small university several states away where she was sure no one from her past would attend. She kept to herself at college, now intensely uncomfortable in social situations, and avoided interactions in groups bigger than 3 people. She started going by Trish instead of Beatrice in an attempt to leave the past and baggage attached to the name behind. It was at university that Trish developed a deep love for pottery which, together with painting, became one of her favorite mediums. Trish started selling her work at a gallery under the pseudonym Skye Seymour her junior year of college.

During her time in college she developed a singular close friendship. His name was Matt and he was a fellow artist. Matt was also flamboyantly gay and taught her to be opened to the differences in people that make them unique and special even when other may brand them as strange or unnatural.

For a couple of weeks now, Trish felt like she was being watched. She was never able to place it, but the back of her neck would tingle, and when she would look around she saw shadow slipping around a corner a couple of times. On several occasions she even thought she saw Summer, Alice, and Veronica, but whenever she would look again it would be just any group of three women going about their social activities together.

The Story So Far:
It was late in the morning and Beatrice headed towards her usual donut shop to pick up her breakfast. She stood in line when the bell on the door of the donut shop rang and a large muscular man walked in. He wore sunglasses and a baseball cap, and he must have been almost 7 feet tall. Trish was listening to her music to help inspire her for her next project and didn’t notice the man apart from the large shadow he cast through the store. Everything was normal until she stepped forward to place her order, that is when the man slammed an oversized worn down baseball bat down into the counter, sending pieces of glass flying in every direction. Trish swiftly turned around and finally noticed the man. His baseball cap and glasses had slipped off and revealed the man’s bald head and singular eye. He looked at her, brought his bat back up in the air and…

Trish didn’t stick around to figure out what would happen next, instead she waddled to the bathroom as fast as her legs would take her and barricaded the door with a trashcan. Within seconds there was banging on the door followed by deep shouts of anger. Her eyes shot around the room looking for an exit, but there was no other door. They landed on a small window, but she knew without even seriously considering is that she would never fit through it. She had two options, open the door and face man-thing that was apparently trying to kill her, or hide. She chose option two. Trish wobbled into one of the bathroom stalls, and quickly turned around to lock it. She didn’t hear the sound of the intruder any more. Maybe he had given up? Her heart was pounding as she slowly sat down on the toilet to regain her calm.

But she didn’t sit down, instead her bottom landed hard on the twigs and grass on a forest, a few twigs breaking upon her impact. She turned around upon impact and noticed that the toilet as well as the back wall of the bathroom had disappeared to reveal a forest and a winding dirt road. Trish got up, confused, and stepped through the back of the toilet stall. She looked left and right and noticed the other stalls were gone as well. Instead, she stood in the middle of a forest, besides the three plastic walls of a public bathroom stall.

Character Relationships:
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Trish Fletcher
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