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 Another Way Path to Follow

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Melly has never been the one to brag about anything. She knew that she didn't have a talent, nor was she ever going to get one. She has no family to speak of that can withstand the monster attacks, and no half-bloods willing to travel with her. So she has taken the path of helping her old home to find new half-bloods that need to a home. She knows what it is like to feel left out and have no place to call home. So she is making sure that no one else feels that way. She is the only person who needs to feel that way. She doesn't want anyone else to feel like it.

Melly is sitting at a small cafe writing in her journal about what has become of her day and her week. She likes to reflect on it and see if she could find some kind of pattern in her life. Maybe a small detail that she has overlooked that could be a talent. However, nothing comes to mind. She is the most average demigod that has ever walked the earth. At least, that's what she thinks.

Until her skin starts to crawl. She looks up and scans the area. The aroma of smoke that has infected the coffee shop usually covers the stink of a demigod has. At least, that's what her research has taken note of. Her heart starts to pound as she looks around getting that sixth sense that something is watching her. Something dangerous. Something not human.

She calmly gets up packs her things, leaves a couple of dollars in the tip jar for Suzie and Danny who normally gives her either free coffee or a free muffin. They like her "made-up" stories which are just quests that her friends if you could call them that, have gone on. They find her world amusing, only because it's funny when you are not the one that is running from it. She walks out of the coffee house her hand whirling her bracelet that changes into a shield. Can Melly fight? Not for her life. Can she use her shield to delay the killing? Most definitely. So, calmly she walks down the street not going to give them the satisfaction of the hunt. Can't attack her in public, she has noticed a lot of the monsters don't really attack her there. So, she takes in a deep breathe and keeps herself as visible as possible.

However, she can't stay in public forever, soon night will fall and she will need the cover of darkness to hide her from the threat. She doesn't know why but she has always loved the night. It made it easier for her to hide that way. She loves the sun and the beach, but nothing beats running from monsters and the adrenaline pumping like a good night chase. She takes in a deep breath again.

"I got this," she mutters to herself. She might not be a daughter of Ares or a daughter of Athena, but they aren't the only ones who can fight! Of course, she has no talent for weapons, but she can try. She rather not go down without a fight. She walks into the park and keeps in a highly populated area. But soon people will trickle out, and she will have to run for her life. But until then, Melly enjoys the sun on her face and the life she has in her lungs.

Her eyes wander around the families that were on the playground. The children ranged in ages, and the parents ranged in looks. They were all happy. She remembers a time when she was part of that happy family. She was part of those times where she didn't know about all of this. She had brothers and sisters who weren't actually her sisters or brothers, and parents that weren't actually her parents. They were good people, and she still called them mom and dad. She still called her sisters and brothers, sisters and brothers. They just weren't... blood. They were normal, and they were able to keep to themselves. They were able to go to college, they were able to go to normal high school. They were able to be normal. Not like her. Where she has to keep herself on guard all the time and travel alone. Who wants to travel with the mess up? No one.

So she just thinks. One day, she could marry. Someone could love her. Someone could love this mess up with strange died hair, and strange looks. She could be loved. She could have children and build a family all her own. She smiles at the thought of having her own family, and nothing could give her more hope and dreams than that. However, who would fall in love with her? Who would love someone who doesn't belong anywhere?

She tried not to feel sad. However, even the perky girl who looks on the bright side can be sad every once in a while. It's what makes her mortal. Some little part of her normal.

"One day..." she whispers to the wind. "I will have a family..."

After everyone left, she hears the sounds of rustling leaves. NOPE! Was the only thought that filled Melly's mind. She touches her bracelet and out spikes a shield, as she dodges into the forest into the trees running as fast as she could, which was not very fast. She kept hearing sounds and she cried out for help. She kept running shaking, adrenaline rushing through her veins scared out of her mind. She is crying out for help, but no one is around to hear her desperate cries for help.

Father... Mother.... if you hear me.... help me... Melly thinks to herself as she runs through the forest. She knows that no one is there listening to her. She is owned by no one, and therefore who would listen to her prayers. She kept running until the rustling stopped. She didn't stop running though, not till she comes to a clearing. She stops and her heart is beating as hard as it could be.

She smiles thinking it could be her way out or she dies. However, as she was making her way down the little to no hill, her foot gets caught on something and she tumbles down into the forest. She scratches her arms and legs, bleeding slightly. She gets cuts and scraps and a busted lip from gods only know where. She sits up covered in sticks, dirt, and other things as she wipes her lip seeing a place.

"Only me," she whispers to herself.

She gets up and grabs her arm and looks around. Nothing seemed to be following her. It was a clearing up ahead. Clearing usually means something. She walks towards it but steadily. She doesn't' want it to be a trap. Could a clearing be a trap? Are monsters that smart? Was it a monster chasing her? Was she being paranoid again? Did she do ALL THAT RUNNING for nothing? She stares off to the clearing and bites her lip gently tasting blood.

"That's not good," she mutters to herself as she stares at the tent or was she talking about tasting blood? Her mind gets sidetracked a lot. It was something she had never seen before. Oh look her mind is back on the tent. She stares at it and creeps back into the forest behind a tree grabbing her shield clutching it tightly in her hands' tears breaking out of her eyes finally. This was how she was going to die... she was going to be murdered. Those damn sons of Ares and everyone else in the camp that always made fun of her ended up being right. Her heart was beating as fast as it could possibly be. It should have busted out of her chest by now and wasn't sure why it wasn't already. So, she stays there either going to get murdered by the monster that was chasing her, or the tent person.

"Father... Mother..." she mutters tears streaming down her cheeks. "I am sorry."

Melly makes her gaze around the ground and found a mediocre stick. She grabbed it held it tightly and looked at the tent with a fearful stare. I can do this. I know I can do this she thought to herself. She gets closer and closer as the light of the tent gets brighter and she raises her stick ready to hit whatever it is like a baseball.

"Hello..." she choked on her own words.
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Another Way Path to Follow
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