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 Somewhere I belong (open to all)

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Trish Fletcher

Trish Fletcher

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Somewhere I belong (open to all) Empty
PostSubject: Somewhere I belong (open to all)   Somewhere I belong (open to all) EmptySat Jun 16, 2018 10:47 pm

Trish looked around as she arrived at what appeared to be the ritual field. There honestly was no mistaking it. It was a wide open field of grass. Multiple sand roads led to a large amphitheater that stood in the center. The amphitheater looked like it had survived the influences of time and nature well overall, but it did not look like it was in its prime anymore and it could perhaps use some upkeep. Nevertheless, it was standing, it was functional, and the main parts that appeared worn down were cosmetic.

Trish waddled up to the building in her usual slow pace. She saw two other buildings from where she was, but the field appeared to be mostly surrounded by forest much like everything else here. As she approached one of the entrances she noticed that there were several pedestals placed around the building. Most of them were broken completely, the only parts of the once honored heroes that remained were their feet. Though one of the ones near her entrance was still intactt. It showed a girl in modern clothing, her clothes ripped in most places. She looked as if she was in the middle of a battle holding off an invisible enemy with her shield while throwing a spear with her other hand. Despite it being a stone statue Trish could tell that the girl was pretty. Her heart sunk as she looked at the girl who was obviously some sort of hero, likely even one of the demigods here. Trish knew in her heart that she would never look like this girl, not even if she were able to learn how to fight and how to use these apparent powers that she was supposed to have. She looked away from the statue and her mind flashed back to her encounter with the horrible man in the tent earlier. He had said she could not leave without a weapon, so she only had to stay long enough to find one and then she would be able to go back to her art studio.

So she shuffled into the amphitheater and looker around. Apparently she was the first to arrive because the place looked deserted. In the center of the building, at the lowest part there was a sort of stage with stone benches rising up around it, kind of like a real theater. The center stage appeared to be covered in sand in in the sand there was a silver circle approximately 30ft across. The circle was surrounded by multiple tiki-torches and in the center of the circle stood a large stone altar with four bowls on top of it. Despite her curiosity Trish did not go closer to investigate. She started climbing the stairs to go sit up high where she was unlikely to be noticed, but she quickly tired from the climb and settled for sitting down two-thirds of the was up and off to the side. She then opened her messenger bag, pulled out her headphones and Ipod which she luckily managed to hold on to during the chase earlier today, and listened to her music as she waited for other people to arrive.
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Mustafa Al-Nar

Mustafa Al-Nar

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Somewhere I belong (open to all) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Somewhere I belong (open to all)   Somewhere I belong (open to all) EmptySun Jun 17, 2018 11:37 am

Mustafa entered the amphitheater at a jog. It was mid to late morning, well after he had wanted to arrive. He had woken late, his body still demanding more sleep than he thought proper, but since it was for the sake of recovery of both mind and body, it seemed prudent to give it what it wanted. I can't believe I stuck my hand in lava... The full impact of his experiment the night before had seemed so unreal, he had to verify it again this morning. The result was the same, his flesh did not burn, and barely warmed under the molten earth. It seemed impossible, but apparently, that was no longer a term that need apply. He had stayed in the hall only long enough to rummage about and find a swordbelt and scabbard for Ambassador, which he now wore securely. He did not know how to use the sword, but it was a good bit more useful than an empty rifle.

Mustafa had run over to this field, concerned he would not make it in time to meet the sorcerer and his army. His concern seemed unfounded, given the almost deserted nature of the gathering place, and it did not show signs of recent assembly. Scanning the grounds, only one other person seemed to be in attendance so far: a grossly overweight woman, who did not look in any part connected to the divine. Some army... Mustafa sneered inwardly, but then frowned. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, reminding himself that not everything was as it seemed here. Perhaps this was the old man in disguise or a demigoddess of feasting? Luxury? Harvest? The former seemed unlikely, given that the woman had headphones and some sort of electronic device. Given that there had been no electric gadgetry in the tent upon his arrival, it was odd to think Faustus might use technology. No, of course, she is the daughter of an American God! Fat and foolish... The thought made Mustafa chuckle though it was dismissed immediately. He had never heard of his own "father," surely there were many others he did not know of. It would be good to know where Epicurus was though.

He climbed the stairs up to the large woman, who finally seemed to notice him. She seemed to flinch at his very approach. Almost like a shell-shocked child... Mustafa tried look more friendly...but failed. Realizing this, he scowled, which seemed to have the opposite intent, but was a look he was more comfortable with. He approached the woman and motioned for her to take off her headphones, then asked in English, "Where is the old man?"
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Somewhere I belong (open to all)
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