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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyWed May 30, 2018 11:22 am

1. Respect other players, especially the Administrators and Moderators.

2. Your Username should be your character’s First and Last name. All characters must be original and can’t have the names of famous historical people. If you wish to change your character name please post a request here.

3. Personal Attacks are not wanted and will not be tolerated. Any harassment, bullying, or provoking will result in one warning and require an apology. Any subsequent instances will result in banning.

4. Despite the Prejudice and Discrimination that is around in our Game World no OOC Prejudice or Discrimination will be tolerated. Your beliefs are your own, and if they are potentially confrontational – please keep them to yourself. There will be no warnings for this infraction.

5. Administrators and moderators have the final word on any given problems. if you have a definitive problem with one of their rulings you may bring it before an Admin but without real proof that the ruling was incorrect it will not be overturned. Any complaints that are aired publicly on the boards will be deleted and the offender will be warned.

6. Drama is a lot of fun to Roleplay. It is not as much fun to experience in real life. It is Vital that you are able to keep everything that is Out of Character (OOC) separate from everything that is In Character (IC). We recognize that this is not always completely possible and it is possible that disagreements may occur. It is MANDATORY that when this happens you attempt to discuss it with the person you are having problems with. If the two (or more) of you are unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion then the Staff are willing and able to serve as mediators. As above – any problems with fellow players that are taken public (rants posted on the board, bashing in Chat, etc.) will result in disciplinary action, warning and possibly up to banning depending on the severity of the infraction.

7. If there are more than two characters interacting in a thread, please follow the proper posting order.

8. Activity is required. If you wish to play more than one character that is allowed (simply create a new account for a new character) we do however require that you keep all your characters active.

9. Characters must be balanced. This means that your characters must have weaknesses as well as strengths

10. All characters must be original characters

11. This site is in English so all posts should be written in English. Use proper English so no text speak and make sure to check your grammar before posting.

12. Posts must be written in third person and past tense.

13. Until a character has been approved refrain from posting in the RP forums.

14. Godmodding and Metagaming will not be tolerated. Godmodding is controlling the actions of someone else's character without their permission. The Permission is the important part. You may have someone else's character do something in your post so long as you have that permission and it is denoted in the post (Posted with Permission of [Character's Name]). Any godmodding that is not denoted will be assumed to be without permission. Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in an IC post. An example would be a hero who knew where a Villain was hiding because he'd read a post between the Villain and someone else but was not there himself. Repeated reports of godmodding and/or metagaming will result in a warning followed by a temporary ban from the site if it continues.

15. If you are going to fight with another character be sure to coordinate with the other players OOC so it will be fair.

16. Try to avoid being in more than one thread at once, your character can’t be in two or more places at once. If you must be active in more than one thread, please make sure that these threads are not happening at the same time and that specify when exactly a thread is happening by using brackets at the beginning of the thread. Simply post it in this manner "[Thread Name] takes place before/after [Thread Name]"

17. Remember, mythological origins are not usually said or admitted in the public forum because it is considered a bad omen so don’t go shouting about it.

18. Don’t keep people waiting. Reply promptly to the thread(s) you are in and don’t keep people waiting for you. If you have not replied to a thread for five days without informing one of the staff members as well as your fellow players who are in a thread with you at that time the others players are allowed to (temporarily) write you out of the thread. In case of a quest the God leading the quest will decide your fate. Don't complain if this ever happens to you for this reason. If others ever do this without the above named reason please inform one of the staff members and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

19. All powers and gifts are distributed by the Site Administrators. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to make up powers and gifts for your character by yourself!! This behavior will result in a warning and the changing of your profile/post. A ban will be placed in case of non-compliance and/or repeated violations of this rule.

20. Ask Questions. If you are unclear about anything on the site the staff will be more than willing to help you out with any problems or questions you have. We are always open to answering your questions. An informed community will produce a better RP environment. 
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Site Rules
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